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Meets at The Depot Restaurant each Wednesday Noon
The Exchange Club of Oroville works with all business and service organizations to make the business of Oroville and Butte County a better environment and to bring about changes in the local business and economy.  The idea of Exchange is to share common problems and solutions with others to make this an even greater place to live.

If you know (or know of) people who wish to relocate to Oroville or Southern Butte County, contact a member of Exchange, the Chamber of Commerce, the Oroville Downtown Business Association, or Butte College Small Business Development Center for your information to be acted upon.

We welcome new business announcements, and want to welcome you to our area.  Exchange clubs are present in Oroville, Chico, Paradise, Orland, Marysville-Yuba City, and Redding.  Our mission is to improve the business and working environment of Butte County.
Send information to: Oroville Exchange Club, P. O. Box 1046, Oroville, California 95965.
Please include a contact name and phone number.
Or email rhewitt@cncnet.com

Meets at The Depot Restaurant each Wednesday Noon
President (2000-2001) Teri Hollingsworth 530 533-3907 or email at tnj@cncnet.com
          Exchange Club of Oroville is beginning to discuss events, such as:
          Secret Witness Program
          Center For The Prevention of Child Abuse
          Fire Prevention (Providing Smoke Detectors to Senior's Housing)
          Officer of the Year Award


September 13, 2000.  Regular meeting, First District Supervisor, Bob Beeler, will talk about Jobs and businesses in Southern Butte County.  This will be a non-political talk.

September 18/19, 55 Alive driving ; $10, Feather River Recreation and Park District 589 4024, Certificate on completion.  pre-registration required.

October: Chili Cookoff, (Postponed) Capt. Jim Gallop Salvation Army (530) 534 7155

         From Sunday, 29 October to Sunday 5 November the "Wall that Heals" will be in Ukiah, California. This is the traveling wall version of the Vietnam War Memorial 
         Crime Prevention, Child Fingerprinting/Ident-a-child,
             Police Officer/Firefighter of the Year Medallions and Plaques,
             Community Service Award Plaque
         November 11, 2000 at 11 A.M.  Veterans' Day Parade starts at Bidwell Park and moves East on Montgomery Street to Downer.  Applications will be available shortly.  To apply, write tnj@cncnet.com

          Christmas Lighted Parade (December 9, 2000) 530 534 8393 or email rhewitt@cncnet.com.

January, 2001:

February, 2001:

March, 2001:

April, 2001:

May, 2001:
          Search For Talent (May, 2001)
          Feather Fiesta Days Grand Parade (May, 2001)

If you would like to help or participate in the Oroville area call 530 533-3907 
          or email at tnj@cncnet.com

    Salvation Army needs donations of stuffed toy bears for donation to Oroville Hospital, funeral homes, etc. Call Captain Jim Gallop at (530) 534 7155, or for other information (530) 534 9558.

       American Legion Post 95 (Oroville) meets 1930 hours 4th Wednesday/month:  Cmdr: Ron Scharbor 534-9889. 


"Easy Writers" Oroville Library Conference Room. 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month
   7 to 9 p.m. 530 589 4571
               "Feather River Writers Guild, Oroville Library Conference Room, 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the Month. 1 to 3 p.m. 530 589 2881

To add events to this site, call or email: rhewitt@cncnet.com (530) 534-0795

   Oroville Community Concerts 2000 - 2001 Subscribe now and enjoy four concerts
1   Birth of the Beat Wednesday October 25, 2000
2   Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, Tuesday,m January 16, 2001
3   Santa Fe Opera Quartet, Thursday, March 22, 2001
4   Proteus 7, Wednesday, April 11, 2001
   More information:  530 589 2434 or 530 533 6155

August 23, Wednesday meeting:  New Oroville City Administrator, Ruben Duran, talked on the effort to bring the City government to a working relationship within itself and with other entities.  Mr. Duran spoke and presented his first impressions of the City and its citizens.  We look forward to an update in about six (6) months.

September 6, 2000.  First District supervisor candidate, Dick Coughlin, talked about Veteran's Day and what the celebration by the Exchange Club means to veterans, especially those from Viet Nam, and the Gulf War.  Dick plans to bring together three (3) members of the 32 survivors from the "battle of An Loc" where only 32 survived out of more than 200.

Last updated September 12, 2000
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